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Jan 30, 2019

This is part two of our discussion about diet myths. We talk about the diet mentality and its pervasive impact on society and our beliefs, and go deeper on the chemistry experiment happening in your body responsible for losing fat and weight.

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Jan 23, 2019

Is there a more talked about subject in the health and wellness world than food and dieting? Today we discuss and debunk many of the more popular myths including exercising to correct a food frenzy and cleanses and the detox mentality to name a few.

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Jan 16, 2019

Do you have a hobby? If the thought makes you cringe or has you lol’ing because who has time for a hobby, then you’re listening in the right place. Hobbies enhance our lives in so many ways and offer myriad benefits. We talk about how to find a hobby, where to start, the time commitment involved, and so much more.

Jan 9, 2019

It’s always a bad time to go away - too much happening at work, at home, you just want to sleep. But sometimes it’s important to push yourself forward to organize and go for that weekend away. It can just be 24 hours if that’s all that works. The point is that you deserve time away from kids, your partner, work,...

Jan 5, 2019

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